St. Joseph's Catholic College

A Welcome from the Co-Principals

‘We place Students at the heart of everything we do’

Welcome to St. Joseph’s Catholic College. We are a popular College with a proud Catholic Heritage and exceptional staff that provide our students with a high standard of education in an inclusive environment. We are very proud of our students, and we value and celebrate their diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs, and all that this brings to our community.

Everything we do at St. Joseph’s is underpinned by our core values of respect, inclusivity, equality, nurturing, growth, and accountability. We feel that encouraging students to adopt these values will help them to grow into reflective young adults who will make a positive contribution in the world. Read more...

Dates for your Diary

  • Monday 5th September - Start of Term One +

  • 9th September - Years 7 & 9 school photos +

  • Wednesday 28th September - Year 6 Open Evening +

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Lateral flow testing for students at St Joseph’s - January 2022

Up to one in three people who have COVID-19 can spread the virus without knowing because they have no symptoms. To reduce the spread of the virus, we need to identify those individuals.

The Government recently announced that schools should encourage their students to participate in lateral flow testing at the start of the Spring term in order to keep both students and staff in these settings safe. The students will be asked to complete one lateral flow test prior to them starting back to school. 

Students will be given a specific time slot to come into school to be tested. They will have to complete the swabbing process themselves; fully trained staff will be on hand to support them throughout but are unable to swab students directly. The swab will then be tested onsite, it takes around 30 minutes to get the results, however students do not need to wait, they can go home and the school will contact parents with the results. Timeslots are as per the table below: 


Tutor Group Tues 4th Jan Tutor Group Wed 5th Jan Tutor Group Thurs 6th Jan
7A 9.00 11A 9.00 10A 10.30
7B 9.10 11B 9.10 10B 10.40
7C 9.20 11C 9.20 10C 10.50
7D 9.30 11D 9.30 10D 11.00
7E 9.40 11E 9.40 10E 11.10
Break 9.50 - 10.05 Break 9.50 - 10.05 Break 11.20 - 11.35
7F 10.05 11F 10.05 10F 11.35
7G 10.15 11G 10.15 10G 11.45
7H 10.25 11H 10.25 10H 11.55
7I 10.35 11I 10.35 10I 12.05
7J 10.45 11J 10.45 10J 12.15
7V 10.55 Break 11-11.30
Break 11.05-11.30 9A 11.30
8A 11.30 9B 11.40
8B 11.40 9C 11.50
8C 11.50 9D 12.00
8D 12.00 9E 12.10
8E 12.10 Break 12.20-12.35
Break 12.20-12.35 9F 12.35
8F 12.35 9G 12.45
8G 12.45 9H 12.55
8H 12.55 9I 1.05
8I 1.05 9J 1.15
8J 1.15
8V 1.30

College Closure Status

The College is open as normal, closing on the 22nd July for the summer holidays.

Please click here for the College closure procedure.



Free School Meals

Claiming for free school meals (FSM) means that the College can also get up to £900 of additional funding per child for uniform, equipment and educational trips, all items your child will benefit from. Our card payment system also makes being on FSM discrete and anonymous. We are all living through challenging times financially so if you think your circumstances make your child eligible for FSM please apply using the form below or call 01793 714200.

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