Uniform is compulsory for all students attending St. Joseph's. 

We have recently changed suppliers to ensure that our community has access to the most competitively priced, quality uniform for our students.

The full range of St. Joseph's uniform can now be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists. You can order online at www.monkhouse.com or visit their local shop which is located on Sanford Street in Swindon Town Centre. Please bear in mind that the shop is currently operating on an appointment only basis, you can book online or call them on 01793 520843.


Compulsory items

Monkhouse are able to provide all the uniform that you need including the compulsory items that you will need to buy for your child. However, any items that are not compulsory you are able to purchase from other suppliers at your discretion as long as they comply with the rules in the College’s uniform policy.


Orders and Returns

Orders made online via the Monkhouse website can be delivered directly to your home address for a small delivery charge, orders over £85 will be delivered free of charge. Alternatively, you can order directly to the store and ‘click and collect’ at the store free of charge.

Items bought from the 1st September to the last day of the summer term each year have a standard 30-day return period. However, items bought over the summer period, from the end of July to the 31st August are subject to a longer 90-day return period to ensure that any goods purchased over the summer can be returned at the start of the school year if they no longer fit when your child starts to wear them at the start of the new year. All return items must still have labels attached to qualify for a return.


New Students in September 2022

In order to prepare for the new school year Monkhouse have agreed to host two evenings which are exclusively for Year 6 students who will be attending St Josephs from September 2022.

The dates for these evenings are

These evenings are by appointment only, the shop will not accommodate anyone without an appointment made beforehand. Please book your appointment via their website www.monkhouse.com.


Sports Kit

As part of the transition to a new supplier the College has also agreed to change the design of its sport kit. This is to allow the use of more modern fabrics and designs that are more suitable for sports use.

From September 2022 all new Year 7 students will need to wear the new version of the sports kit and this will be the same for any new year groups in the future. Existing students can wear out their old kit, only swapping to the new kit as and when they need new items.


If you have any questions about our uniform policy, please do not hesitate to contact the College.