St. Joseph's Catholic College

Flexible Pathway



Flexible Pathway allows students to develop as independent learners.

The qualification is run over two years at Key Stage 4 and students obtain a Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE) at Level 2, equating to a GCSE at grade B. Flexible Pathway is also offered to Key Stage 5 students where students can obtain COPE Level 3, which equates to a grade A at AS Level with 90 UCAS points.

The qualifications are based on a portfolio of work that is presented for external moderation at the end of the course. It consists of 12 modules (topics or areas of interest), and each module is divided into three sections. Each section typically takes 10 hours to complete – 10 hours is worth 1 credit. Students will need at least 12 credits to gain the COPE qualification

Some of the programmes and activities delivered through Flexible Pathway include:
An Expedition Award
Moviemaking course
Work Skills Course
Problem Solving activities
Young Enterprise
Army Look at Life Course
Team Flex Extreme expedition

Flexible Pathway is staffed by a team of experienced teachers from across many different subject areas within the College. As a result of this we can provide a varied and imaginative curriculum to all students.