St. Joseph's Catholic College

Catering at St. Joseph's

The menu provided for students and staff at St. Joseph’s has remained largely unchanged for a number of years. This has primarily been due to staff changes and staff skills sets; however, with recent staff changes we have the opportunity to introduce a more nutritionally balanced menu.

The College has recently appointed an Executive Head Chef, Liam Carter Selwood and a Sous Chef, Tomasz Fraczek who will be joining the catering team in January.

Some additional catering equipment has been purchased which will assist with the menu changes and Liam will soon be starting this process. His aim is firstly to overhaul the breakfast menu, then the mid-morning menu and finally the lunchtime menu. This process of changing the menus will of course take some time to implement fully.

Prior to the menus being changed, the catering team will be offering samples of new products to the students and staff in order to judge their opinions. There will be two menus running throughout the year; the first will run during the autumn and winter, the second will run during the spring and summer. There will be a three-week menu cycle.