St. Joseph's Catholic College

St. Joseph's World Cup tournament

St Joseph’s are entering into the spirit of the World Cup by holding their own tournament for each year group. Your son will have been given the times and dates of their year group’s matches and this should be written into their planner. Dates are below. Finals will be held during tutor time. There will be a Girls’ Festival of Football held in partnership with Swindon Town Football in the Community at a later date.

Thank you for all your support with these events and may the best team win!


Year 10- This is being held within the Year 10 lunchtime.

Year 9- Thursday 28th June 3-4pm and Thursday 5th July 3-4pm.

Year 8- Tuesday 26th June 3-4pm and Tuesday 3rd July 3-4pm.

Year 7 – Monday 2nd July 3-4pm and Monday 9th July 3-4pm.