St. Joseph's Catholic College

Richard Jefferies Visit

In December, 7P and 7U visited the Richard Jefferies Museum as part of their English work.  They learnt about the author Richard Jefferies and how he used features of the landscape around him to inspire him and to create a setting for his stories.  During the visit, pupils learnt about artefacts in the house and explored the gardens. They looked around Coate Water to identify key sites used in Richards Jefferies’ books and then finished the day warming up around a campfire, telling stories and eating biscuits!

Here is what some of our students had to say about the trip.

"On the Richard Jefferies Museum trip, we learnt that Richard Jefferies was an English writer who wrote books about his childhood life on a Wiltshire farm.  I enjoyed exploring places on the map which Richard Jefferies wrote about.  We had a campfire after lunch which was so warm and relaxing because it was so cold."

Mezia 7P

"At the Richard Jefferies Museum I enjoyed the campfire and when we had biscuits.  I also learnt that Richard Jefferies, when he was a boy, used to have a toy trumpet. I enjoyed looking at the things that Richard Jefferies studied when he was younger."

Luca  7P