St. Joseph's Catholic College

Trips and Visits

Recently some Year 7 students had the opportunity to take part in trips to the Glocuester and Corinium museum and Chedworth Roman Villa. Please read on to hear more about the trips.


Trip to Gloucester Museum

On Friday 24th November we went to Gloucester Museum. My favourite part of the trip was seeing all the different things the Romans used. There were coins, pots and even a skeleton. We got to dress up like them and also we could smell the spices they put on their food. My favourite was the honey, it smelt delicious.

By Lizanne Vales (7D)


Trip to Chedworth Roman Villa

On Friday the 24th November we had a tour around Chedworth Roman Villa. It was really interesting because we found out that the Romans were very advanced in technologies because they had under floor heating called the Hypocaust. Also we saw all the mosaics and their original patterns. We could see where they took a bath in hot steam and washed themselves in their own sweat and where they went into the cold water to close their open pores. Then we looked at the little circle full of water to worship the nymphs to say thank you for the water. Finally we saw where the toilets were and it was not a pleasant!

Overall we had a fun time and learned a lot about the Romans.

By Indee-Mae Worrall (7N)


Trip to Corinium Musem

Some of Year 7 went to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester. In the museum there were lots of Roman artefacts. We had a quiz to do which I didn’t like very much but I did like the part where there was a wall and you got to put your head through it.

Julietta 7I