St. Joseph's Catholic College

Sixth Form places will be ensured for St Joseph’s students


Following St Joseph Catholic College’s announcement last Wednesday 15 March of proposals to close down its Sixth Form from August 2018, the Principal Paul Hughes is keen to stress that the College is doing everything it can to ensure current year 11 students are being properly supported in finding an alternative Sixth Form or Further Education College place.

Mr Hughes said : "We have been speaking to providers of Sixth Form in the area and have gained their assurance that they are able to make places available for St Joseph’s year 11 students this coming September. There is a session planned on Thursday 23 March for providers to come into the College and talk to the students to help them make their decisions."

Declining numbers of Sixth Form applicants, coupled with changes in funding for post-16 education have led the board of governors of St Joseph’s to make the proposals, which are under consultation during the spring.

We are aware a petition to save the Sixth Form has been set up on and currently has over 150 supporters, however, we would encourage people to use the official consultation.

Mr Hughes stated : "None of our current Sixth Form students will have their studies adversely affected by these proposals. Nor will any St Joseph’s students in Key Stage 3 or 4 be deprived of any opportunities as a result of the proposals.

Academic outcomes have not been as strong in the Sixth Form as in Years 7 - 11. Changing the age range from 11 - 18 to 11 - 16 will allow resources to be focused on improving the learning experiences and outcomes for these students.

Our aim is to become an outstanding 11 - 16 Catholic College, and to do so, we believe that we must concentrate our energies, resources and expertise on that age range.”

Two information sessions have been scheduled for parents and will take place next Monday 27 March from 5pm – 5.45pm and from 7pm – 7.45pm. Thereafter parents have until 2 May to submit their feedback on the proposals via the College website or via forms available at the College reception.