St. Joseph's Catholic College

Swindon Town Football Club Visit

Today, I went to the Swindon Town Football Club and I had a great time there. It is the second time I have been to the Football Club, as I went there last summer.  I had a great tour of the stadium such as: the meeting and conference rooms, the shower, gym and changing rooms and the exterior of the Stadium.

One of my favourite rooms at the Football Club is the gym room. This is because I like being fit and my favourite part of the gym is the treadmill. The treadmill is my favourite piece of sport technology in the gym room because I like to keep my legs running and the more I run, the maximum speed I can get.

Outside was nice because I managed to get some fresh air and liked seeing what the football players do when they come out before their matches. Also I like the seats because people can watch the match from above and when I what to watch a match, I would go to the top because I can see the top of the stadium.

Swindon Town Football Club is one of the best places to go in Swindon and next time I would like to go there, I would like to watch the team win a match, so Swindon can take home a trophy.

Freddie, Year 10