St. Joseph's Catholic College

GCSE Results

 GCSE 2016 2

Congratulations to our students and staff on their GCSE results. In English 85 percent of students achieved A star to C grades which is a great success. In Maths 78 percent achieved at this measure which is well above national averages. The new Progress 8 measure for St Joseph's is very positive and a good indicator of the progress made by the majority of students since Key Stage 2.  Because of changes to the examination system it has become difficult to compare results year on year. Taking into account that for this set of year 11 figures, official league tables only allow the first entry along with other changes such as the move away from coursework, our current calculation of 68 per cent five A star to C grades including English and Maths is significantly higher than last year.  


GCSE 2016 1

Well done to everyone involved in all the hard work needed to achieve these results for the college.

P Hughes

GCSE 2016 3