St. Joseph's Catholic College

St Joseph’s Year 7’s Dominates Basketball

The St Joseph’s year 7 girls’ where nervous for their first competitive Basketball game against Churchfields. The girls’ who played included: Jessica De Mello, Olivia Bath, Mia Grace, Ashley Boby, Michelle Ncube, and Jessica Bebey Bana. We started with an intense atmosphere but the St Joseph’s girls’ were calm and ready for the tip off start to the game. At first the St Joseph’s girls’ used their Netball skills to help them shoot and this gave St Joseph’s a substantial lead. The St Joseph’s girls’ were also very fit and they used the whole court well to tire out the Chirchfield girls’. The most memorable baskets were scored by both Mia, Jess B, and Jess D. At half time Miss Brett gave us a very inspirational talk and encouraged us to each mark a player. In the second half we stuck to this and the pressure of marking the Churchfield players meant that they didn’t score any baskets. In the second half Mia scored another excellent basket. St Joseph’s won the game with an end score of 24-2. Churchfield nominated their player of the match to Jess Bebey Bena. Congratulations to all those who played.