St. Joseph's Catholic College

Year 7 Netball

On Thursday 25th November St. Joseph's Year 7 Netball team played Dorcan in an away competitive match, where St. Josephs won 10-4. It was a really close game at the beginning with both teams scoring well deserved goals. But St. Joseph's did storm ahead scoring five goals in one quarter of the match. Our defence also played really well, especially since Dorcan had some very tall players. Our Player of the Match went to Olivia Bath and Lorna Kamau who both played extremely well. The player of the match for Dorcan was their GA, because we felt that she scored some tough goals and she never gave up on her attack. It was a really well played match by both teams and we are buzzing to have come out victorious. Our St. Joseph's squad included Jessica, Lorna, Olivia, Mia, Ashley, Lexie and Jessica.