St. Joseph's Catholic College

Year 7 Netball

On Tuesday the 6th October St. Joseph's Year 7 Netball Team beat Swindon Academy. It was a great achievement so everybody was pleased. The
players were Olivia Bath-C, Lorna Kamu-WD, Jessica De Mello-GA, Jessica Beby Bena-GS, Chantelle Mwangi- GK, Ashley Boby- GD, Hannah Barr-WD, Lexy Moore-WA. All the girls tried their best! Also thanks to Miss Jones and Miss Brennan for being there and supporting the team.

During the first half, the girls were staying in their attacking side mostly, for they kept scoring. Lexy, Jessica, Olivia and Jessica worked really well together. Ashley, Chantelle, Lorna and Hannah were really good at defending our net. There was lots of teamwork and support from each player. During the second half, Olivia tripped over, but because she was so strong, she got back up and carried on playing.

At the end of the match, sportsmanship really showed in the girls.We cheered for Swindon Academy. We choose the GD from their team to be the player of the match because she was really good. Swindon Academy chose Jessica De Mello-GA as the player of the match.