St. Joseph's Catholic College

Musical Sensation

We are very pleased to announce the amazing achievement of Omlola (Lola) Funsho, one of our current Year 12 students. Lola, achieved a 100% Distinction in her recent Popular Music Vocal Recital, Grade 6 Exam, an almost unprecedented level of marks.

Lola has lessons as part of the Music Inclusion Project, funded by Youth Music and The Swindon Music Hub. Tuition is provided by Swindon Music Co-operative who visit the College weekly. Lola was nominated for the programme by Mrs Cooke at St Joseph’s. Funding is limited and students need to be committed to the programme if accepted.

Lola has a natural, distinctive tone to her voice and this is developed and nurtured by her weekly tutoring sessions. Lola is also proving to be a creative actress and has taken part in many College productions including Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Coat and Hairspray.

Lola has continually shown her musical ability and in Year 10 won the Outstanding commitment to Music Award.

As well as being an exceptional singer, Lola is a dedicated student at St Joseph’s and a contributing member of the College community. She is currently Sixth Form Head Girl and plays an active part in the CAFOD student team, attending regular meetings and seminars. Lola currently studies A Level Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

Lola is a merit to the Sixth Form and St Joseph’s Catholic College and an inspiration to students in the lower years. We are extremely proud of her achievement.