St. Joseph's Catholic College

Availability of new service : Winter Young Person’s and Children’s Clinic, Taw Hill Swindon

Dear Parents/carers,

As you may be aware there is still currently unprecedented pressures across the hospital in Swindon as well as primary care and within our community services. The Winter Young Person’s and Children’s Clinic based at Taw Hill in Swindon is still available and allows easier access for medical care for young people and their families and will help to support the demand on local health care in Swindon.

The winter young persons and children’s clinic is a relatively new clinic/service dedicated for acute illness’s for children and young people living in Swindon led by an experienced team of GP’s and advanced clinical practitioners. It is here to help with children and young people suffering from, aching muscles, continuous cough, high temperature, loss or taste of smell, persistent headaches, new fatigue.

The clinic runs Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm and can be contacted on 01793 709505 and is based at Taw Hill Medical Centre.