St. Joseph's Catholic College

Equality and Diversity

St Joseph’s Catholic College Equality Objective

Breaches of equality and diversity are taken very seriously resulting in investigation and sanction, but also a restorative session between the two parties. As a result, the number of incidents resulting from discriminatory language or behaviour (including online interaction) is very low and significantly below national figures. Rates of reoffending are even lower. An overwhelming majority (96%) of students feel safe at school all the time. Student feedback to all who ask is unanimous: “There is always someone in school I can talk to and it is always dealt with.”

The College currently has a student base which consists of 42% ethnic minority students. However, the staff structure is predominantly White British. The Governing Body’s objective over the next four years is to address this issue and encourage more individuals from under represented ethnic groups to become part of the staff structure, thus aligning it more with the composition of the student body.
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There are several relevant policies, which are linked below:
Behaviour Policy
Recruitment Policy

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The College follows the guidance from the Public sector Equality Duty.