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Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance

At St. Joseph’s, our mission is to give our students the very best preparation for happy and successful futures, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions for life. Academic qualifications are of great importance, but equally we believe that our young people should be prepared for the demands of further education, higher education and employment.

These demands are increasingly complex and present challenges to the young people and their parents and carers. Consequently, St. Joseph’s strives to provide an outstanding careers education for its students, where there is exploration and experience of a range of future opportunities. No matter what their aspirations are, we will endeavour to help our students to develop the skills and talents necessary to meet those ambitions; equally, we will support parents and carers in helping their children with making their decisions for the future.

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Careers education at St. Joseph’s is informed by the direction offered by the Gatsby Benchmark’s eight guidelines, which are deemed to define what is best about careers education provision in schools. St. Joseph’s careers strategy is built and developed around these:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each student
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Please click on this link to our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy for more information.


Stakeholder Links

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Click here for information about how you can help your child make decisions about future careers.

Click here to read our Provider Access Statement. This section is of especial interest to employers, further education institutions and higher education institutions who are interested in working with us.

  • Alumni Page

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Evaluation of Careers Education


Significant resources are allocated to our careers education at St. Joseph’s and it is vital that we ensure that we get the best “value for money” for our students for what we invest in terms of time, money and human resources.

We evaluate our careers education through:

  • Monitoring lessons where careers education is taught
  • Monitoring delivery through subject lessons
  • Questionnaires completed by stakeholders (e.g. governors, parents/carers
  • Student destinations at 16
  • Review of the careers programme by the Careers Leader

The College is held accountable for its delivery of careers education by the Full Governing Body to whom an annual report is made.

Our Careers Link Governor is Mr. John Moore.