St. Joseph's Catholic College

College Status & Closure Procedure

Wherever possible St. Joseph's Catholic College will always try and stay open, even in bad weather. However, it may sometimes be necessary to close because of poor weather conditions or for other reasons (health and safety for instance). In such circumstances the College will endeavour to notify parents and students as early as possible that College is closed. We will follow the process outlined below.

7 am: Notification of College closure will be passed to local radio for announcement (BBC Wiltshire and Heart FM).

7 am: A message notifying parents and students of closure will be posted on this website (, on Twitter (@StJosephsCC), and left on the College telephone (01793 714200). All messages will be updated at 3 pm with information for the following day. 

3 pm: An updated message will be left on 01793 714200, on this website and on Twitter, advising parents of the status for the following day.

During periods of inclement weather, pupils are expected to wait for 30 minutes for their transport before abandoning their journey to College and returning home. 

This process will be followed for any subsequent days, where the College remains shut.