St. Joseph's Catholic College

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St Joseph’s is a vibrant Catholic academy in the centre of Swindon. It admits students between the ages of 11 and 16. The Governing Board is the admitting authority on behalf of the Trustees and Bishop of the Clifton Diocese. The College encourages all students to reach their full potential and strongly promotes faith and moral values. The parent or carer are encouraged to contact the College for more information about the College before applying for a place.


Our College Vision statement states that: 

“Our Catholic College seeks to be a community in which all are valued, where the life and the relationships of the College are permeated by Gospel values and in which the individual is seen as unique, with infinite potential for growth towards wholeness. The College, in active partnership with home, parish and the wider community, endeavours to prepare all its members for a future in which they will be able to make a positive contribution and take up the challenge of their faith.” 

This policy supports this vision by clearly stating the number of places available and how they are allocated if there more applicants than places.


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eMail Address

Please provide your e mail address if you would like St Joseph's to contact you if there are any queries with your application. This e mail address will only be used in connection with your application and we will not retain it for other purposes. Please see our privacy notice for further information.


Applicants who have been baptised or received into the Catholic Church


Has your child been baptised or received into the Catholic Church? *

If yes, the Governing Board require a copy of the baptism certificate, Holy Communion certificate or a confirmation of entry into the baptismal register authorised by the Parish Priest or Deacon for the above named child. It must be presented to the College at the time of application. If the child has been received into the Catholic Church, confirmation of this is required in the form of a Holy Communion Certificate or a statement which asserts that the child is Catholic.

Please upload your certificate here.

If you are unable to upload your certificate please send a clearly labelled copy to Jill Townsend, Admissions Officer.


Have you completed the Local Authority common application form? *

In filling in this supplementary form I confirm that the information provided on this and the Local Authority Common Application Form is correct. If my child is offered a place I will contact the College at that point to inform the College of any additional educational needs my child has.