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After School Clubs 2017-2018

The College organises various activities for students during and after school.


MFL French for Y9 If you are interested in continuing your study of French with a view to being able to enter for GCSE then please come to S10 every Wednesday from 3-4pm. 100% attendance is expected. Mr Taylor
  Foreign Film Club.  If you would like to know more about cinema from other cultures then there will be a screening of foreign language films in S11 every Wednesday from 3-4pm. Films will last from 2-3 weeks so check the posters around the languages department for the latest listings. Miss Amadori
  Italian for Y8s.  If you are interested in continuing your study of Italian with a view to being able to enter for GCSE then please come to S12 every Wednesday from 3-4pm. 100% attendance is expected. Mrs Carbone
  Spanish for all If you have always wanted to learn Spanish then now is your chance. There will be an introduction to Spanish which will run termly every Wednesday from 3-4pm to help you get to get to grips with the basics. Miss Hayes
Science KS3 Science Club Hands on practical sessions following a 6 week program to enthuse, engage and inspire KS3 students. Each session has a theme, which together form an exciting opportunity to explore science themes beyond those covered in the curriculum.  
  KS4 Science Club ‘Ask an Expert’: Opportunity for any KS4 student to come along to the drop in sessions to talk to one of the dedicated and experienced members of the science team. Students may wish to seek help and assistance with an area of the KS4 science course, or alternatively ask questions on any exciting  topic that they may be interested in. There will be a Biology, Chemistry and Physics specialist available for each of the sessions who will be more than happy to be of assistance.  
Maths Maths Homework Club Maths homework club is designed to support students who:
• Want somewhere to complete maths homework
• Want help with particular topics or piece of homework
• Repeatedly fail to complete homework on time

Maths homework club can also be used as a catch up class, where students can bring along class work/revision work and ask any questions that they might have.
  Love Maths This will be an opportunity to tackle problem solving activities, build  structures, make origami, construct impossible shapes , learn new Maths tricks, prepare for different external Maths challenges to represent your school , compete with other students and a lot more…

Benefits of coming along to the Love Maths
         -You will look at Maths ideas from a different perspective in a more relaxed way.
- Learn by sharing and discussing ideas with other Mathematicians
- Enhance your Maths skills and problem solving ability.
  Board Games Club If you’re looking to ease the stress of the school term, board games may be the answer! It’s been scientifically proven that you can relieve your stress by simply playing a board game. If you’re having trouble finding someone to kick back with, come check out the Board Games Club. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people in a single place for all to play.
Board game novices have nothing to fear as there are always people willing to show how to play the games. Don’t be afraid to stop by if you’re interested in playing but not sure what to do – there are a ton of supportive people to help you learn.
The club meets every Wednesday between 3 p.m.- 4 p.m. 
Mr Guerrero, Mr Shakles, Mr Handy
RE RE through film and Media  All year groups Monday A& B from 3-4 watch entertaining films with a Spiritual Dimension. Follow up on ideas and concepts explored in class in a fun way through film, debate and discussion.  Mr Fawcett
  GCSE REVISION Y11 Wednesday A & B Intervention and Revision club for year 11 students to catch up on missed work and revise year 10 topics.  RE department
  Zumba Dance Y10 & Y11 Wednesday Term 2 only KS4 girls dance cultural dance club. Starting with Zumba. 7 week course with a qualified instructor who will lead Zumba dance routines from 3-4. Mrs Payne
  HW and catch up Club KS3 and KS4 Tuesday A & B This club will not be an option for some students if homework and classwork is not completed to the best of ability. List will be sent out weekly. However, if you would like support with topic work, it is an opportunity to speak to specialists and get support. Mrs Hobbs
  St. Vincent de Paul Wed A & B SVP befriending projects - This will involve visiting nursing homes and Day Care Centres to speak to local residents. It will also include direct Aid Projects - You can set up your own fundraising project or help your local SVP Conference with collecting goods during our Annual Appeal. Year 10 students welcome. Mr Marra, Mrs Barkham, Miss Silvester
  CAFOD youth leadership programme Y10 Wed A & B Become a student leader in our Social Justice and Action Groups. Learn about and actively respond to local and global social justice issues. Get involved in programmes of development and training and lead college action campaigning, raising awareness and fundraising. Year 10 students  Mr Marra, Miss Silvester, Mrs Barkham
  Season's Greetings Craft Club Crafty activities will be based around the Liturgical calendar including Harvest, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Feast Days. Activities will include making Harvest and Easter Baskets, Advent Wreath, Advent Candles, Lenten Calendars  RE department
Performing Arts Drama Club – all year groups.  Wednesday A & B The Drama Club is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people and have lots of fun through many different types of Drama activities.
We will be working on devised pieces, script writing, trestle mask workshops, lighting and stage effects and many other exciting ventures!
You will also be given the opportunity to star in this years Christmas Services, Christmas Concert, Easter Services and Performing Arts Concerts and be a real part of the whole school community.
Mrs Mobey, Mr Halpin
  Musical Theatre Madness We will be focusing on producing scenes from popular musicals. Students will be learning skills in singing, dancing and acting. This term we will be focusing on songs and scenes from the Musical Elf and the finished scenes will be presented to an audience in the Christmas Concert.
We only have spaces for 25 students so come and meet new people, learn new skills and have lots of fun in the process!
Mrs Cooke and Mr Baker
  Orchestra Every Tuesday 15:00-16:00, Woodwind, Brass and String musicians of all ability's and all grades welcome Mrs Webb and Miss Bradley Sutton
DT Warhammer Club No experience playing the games is necessary. You don’t have to own any army, you can come and play using ours. You can bring your own army and play against other students. You can book out our gaming tables and learn how to make your own. Students will be given tuition to make terrain and paint their figures. Games Workshop staff will lead some sessions on playing the game. Students will be able to enter the Schools’ League. No sign up required. This club will run until 5pm to allow students to play their games.   
  Stem Club  Running every other half term from October. Students will learn to use electronics and CAD software to create an electronic buggy. Sign up is required and places limited to 20 students  
  Cooking competition  The theme is to produce a meal in 60 minutes. The winner will go onto the Final which will be on the 1st November.

The after school sessions will be held on Tuesdays between 3.00 – 4.00pm. See below for dates.
Wednesday 20th: Year 9
Wednesday 27th: Year 8
Wednesday 4th: Year 7
Wednesday 11th: Year 10
Wednesday 18th: Year 11
Wednesday 1st November : FINAL (best overall from all year groups)
Students will need to bring their own ingredients.
This is a real opportunity for you to show their creativity and talent in the kitchen
Miss Curran 
Business and Computing Young Enterprise Takes place every Thursday and is open to all KS4 students. Students will be involved in setting up and running their own business, experiencing the true meaning of entrepreneurship. The company that students set up will compete with similar businesses to generate profit. Students will also enter regional competitions   
  Computer Science NEA Year 11 GCSE students will be encouraged to attend support sessions on Wednesday afternoons in week A. The sessions will provide access to research and process support; assisting students in generating and testing their responses to the non-examined assessment element of the GCSE qualification. It is crucial that all students attend all 6 sessions offered during term 1,2 & 3 to ensure that their NEA has the best possible start. During terms 4 & 5 the sessions will focus on the Unit 1 examination aspect of the course.  
  Applied Business NEA Year 11 GCSE students have been allocated support sessions every Wednesday as a supplement to their initial research and preparation for the non-examined assessment. Students will be given feedback on their initial research, the sessions in term 1 – 3 are an opportunity to respond to feedback and complete joint research with their group. In term 4 and 5 the sessions will focus on revision for the Unit 2 examination.  
Geography International Media Blurb Want to know what's going on in the world? Interested in current events? International media is for you...
If you want to investigate how the news links to life, come and explore the worlds events to see where they are and how they link and answer the important questions, then come and join us.
What's with all the hurricanes? Is enough being done to help the people who have lost their homes?
Should Kim Jong-un be stopped from testing missiles?
Who does the smuggling of Rhino horn jewellery need to stop?
What are the worlds trending news stories?
How does social media reflect the worlds issues?
Open to all year groups
Art Art and Design Come and extend your coursework and make use of the department’s facilities to produce that amazing personal outcome or further your stunning support work. Mr Rutter will guide and advise. Mr Rutter
  Textiles Make use of Textile club to complete that beautiful personal outcome and sketchbook. Ms Dixon will be on hand to help you. Ms Dixon
  Photography St Joseph’s has outstanding photography facilities. Come and learn to use the darkroom, work with film experiment with digital photography and support your coursework with new techniques and processes that other students won’t have in their sketchbooks! If you are an Artist, this is the perfect companion club to extend and enrich your work. Join Ms Payne each week. Photography club is for GCSE students terms 1-4 and KS3 terms 5-6. However there are only 15 spaces available so sign up quick! Ms Payne
English Homework Club Need some extra help with your English homework? Or do you simply need a quiet spot to complete your homework, away from distractions? Then come along to ‘Homework Club’ in Y15 every Wednesday, where an English teacher will be on hand to give you some extra support. Open to all year groups. Mrs Marsden, Miss Winn
  Creative Writing Y11 Year 11 – need some help with your writing skills? Come along to our ‘Creative Writing Club’ in Y12 on a Wednesday, where an English teacher will be on-hand to give you that all-important boost in the writing department.  Miss Curran
  Book Club Immerse yourself in the world of literature with other, like-minded people. ‘Book Club’ is designed for those who already enjoy reading, as well as those who would like to read a bit more than they currently do. We will be starting off with Zusak’s ‘The Book Thief’. This is your opportunity to chat informally about the books you read, and enjoy the film experiences too. Come along on a Wednesday 3-4pm in Y16 – open to all year groups. Mrs Haynes
History Pressgang  Every Wednesday 3-4pm • Fancy running your own newspaper with a historical slant?
Do you enjoy investigating the gritty reality of history (not covered in lessons)?
Work together to create a History Newsletter to be published each term.
You’ll enjoy creating all sorts of items:
 - Historical problem pages
 - Quizzes
 - Puzzles
 - What happened on this day?
 - Interesting articles on History not seen in the classroom
 - Interviews with famous dead people
 - Tweet historians
 - Funny pages
 - Horrible History facts
Pick up lots of skills such as:
 - editing information
 - IT skills
 - team work
 - research and analysis
 - creativity
AND a sense of achievement when the whole school reads your exciting work!
  Support and Revision Y11 Tuesday and Wednesdays 3-4pm  
PE BTEC Sport Term 1 Miss Foley
  Rugby Term 1 Mr Ilses and Mr Cross
  Netball KS3 Term 1 Miss Jones and Miss Brett
  Girls Football Term 2 Miss Foley
  BTEC Sport Term 2 Mr Ilses
  Basketball Term 2 Mr Cross
  Football Term 2 Miss Jones
  Netball KS4 Term 2 Miss Brett